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Welcome to MindOptions

To thrive in the modern world, any business or organisation needs its people to be proactive, interactive, creative and engaged. Creating such a positive, vibrant environment demands that managers and leaders are able to have successful conversations that promote and support all staff to take the initiative to think through their problems, find solutions, become more self-aware and self-resourceful.
Unfortunately most performance management systems still rely on a form of ‘command and control’ that has failed to keep pace with the changing external environment and simply doesn’t deliver the results needed. With employees increasingly overwhelmed by the pace and scale of change, stress-related absence and the increasing rates of other illnesses and conditions are also creating enormous problems for organisations.
At MindOptions, our approach is to get whole organisations, departments, teams or key individuals working well, living well.



  • Executive, Leadership & Team Coaching

    Executive, Leadership & Team Coaching

    Coaching, whether that is for executives, senior management, specific teams or individuals, professionally or personally, is focused on one key outcome: improving

  • Coaching Workshops

    Coaching Workshops

    Every organisation, however large or small, should develop a coaching culture to maximise the benefit of any investment in external coaching support.

  • Health & Wellness Coaching

    Health & Wellness Coaching

    Health coaching, sometimes known as wellness coaching, is being increasingly commissioned by more organisations as it is an effective and supportive way of ensuring that your employees are working well, living well

  • Mindfulness skills training

    Mindfulness skills training

    Mindfulness is a secular meditation technique that involves learning to pay attention: on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgementally

We do this by:

  • Providing leaders and managers with the tools to adopt an effective coaching approach, on an individual or team basis along with health and wellness coaching, to dramatically improve their own and their team’s performance
  • Simplifying the workplace for individuals so that they can focus on the important parts in their life, reducing stress and anxiety and improving performance and attendance
  • Offering Mindfulness skills training to help give your staff the skills to develop a positive mindset, resilience, calmness and a solutions focused approach, no matter what the challenge.