Coaching Workshops

Coaching Workshops

Coaching Workshops

The world, organisations and individuals face an ever more complex set of challenges and time pressures. Whilst it is still important to ensure leaders and senior executives are developed and encouraged to exceed their growing responsibilities, it is increasingly becoming an accepted business norm that every organisation, however large or small, should develop a coaching culture to maximise the benefit of any investment in external coaching support.

The Coaching Conversations Programme from MindOptions has been implemented in a number of organisations where it has been proven to increase employee engagement, build and maintain trust at all levels and improve performance across the business.

The Coaching Conversations Programme:

  • Educates, equips and inspires leaders to improve their performance and achieve results
  • Uses a coaching approach proven to help managers enhance individual and team performance by having more effective conversations
  • Is ideally suited for organisations going through transformation, modernisation programmes or other major organisational change
  • Can assist organisations that need to build the capacity and capability of the workforce when resources are scarce

How the MindOptions Coaching Conversations Programme is benefitting the NHS

“Jude Ryan and MindOptions offer an excellent, professional and bespoke service that is highly referenced to the latest coaching best practice and models. Our organisation’s evaluation of their training and facilitation was recognised as ‘excellent’ in relation to delivery, behaviours and, above all, values. We had a need to improve the culture and behaviours within our organisation that was wrapped within mature manager, colleague and team relationships. MindOptions met this within their excellent Coaching Conversations training that was of high quality and cost value. I would highly recommend MindOptions for a variety of organisational development needs.”

Deputy Director for Leadership, Talent & Organisational Development, Whittington Health NHS Trust.

Following the Coaching Conversations Programme that MindOptions has run with the Whittington Health NHS Trust, one director changed his approach and style of conversation and by doing so has increased his appraisal compliance from 22% to 91%. The department is now being showcased internally and nationally to other NHS Trusts as to how adopting a coaching approach delivers real and tangible benefits to improving performance against key targets.

The programme can be tailored to individual client needs and requirements. Click on the link below for a sample workshop programme:

Download the MindOptions Coaching pdf


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  • Coaching Workshops

    Coaching Workshops

    Every organisation, however large or small, should develop a coaching culture to maximise the benefit of any investment in external coaching support.

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